Measuring print AD effectiveness!

Track it and gather data using QR codes.

Know your KPI

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the key quantifiable indicators of progress toward an intended result for marketers. For different brands it means different result and data.  It depends on your businesses goals (e.g. increasing sales, building customer loyalty, or creating a brand image). Using KPIs will help you control and improve the effects on your marketing spend. Secondly, it will improve the user experience with your brand. Results of marketing campaigns will help you to understand your clients’ behaviour, interests and expectations.

Measuring direct mail and print campaign has historically been perceived as difficult and complex. However, this is not true!

We are going to show you how to do it.  There are different ways to track results of you print ad or direct mail campaign. In this post we’ll look at the QR code mechanism to track direct mail. In future blogs, we will reveal and analyse other options. 

QR CODES – track a customer’s activity and call them to action after SCANNING

Using a trackable QR code in your print campaign is the perfect way to direct customers to store or to your website. By applying a QR code dedicated to your campaign, when customers scan the advert or mailing they will access a specific landing page. From here you can measure a variety of metrics. For example, their web activity, account number, what visitors do once they arrive, how much time they spend on the page, and what they click on.

You can also use QR codes to gather information including the location and time of the scan, how many times a QR code was scanned, and what kind of device the person used to scan the code. Using analytics tool (e. g. Google Analytics 4) you really will have a lot information to analyse your print campaign feedback and results. All you need to do is just prepare a particular link to a dedicated page, then generate a QR code to be used when printing your advertising or direct mail campaign. 

Personalised QR codes – gather information ABOUT EACH USER

QR codes can also be personalised and contain unique message and offers for each customer. You can prepare a customised users experience for each recipient (e.g. a personalised landing page, offer, discount code, graphics etc.).


It’s very important to plan ahead – you must prepare particular links and generate QR codes BEFORE printing.
If the item is already printed you cannot add special parameters and measure the individual performance of your marketing.

So, why don’t you take advantage of available digital tools?!

It can help you to gather more data and prepare KPI reports to better plan your next campaigns. What is even more important, it will increase customers engagement and will enrich customers experience. Using print and modern technology approach together is proven to increase purchasing effect. CPX Group member from Japan researched that when used together the response rate is 60.8%, compared to 31% when used separately. Find more out here:

“Where there is data smoke, there is business fire” [Thomas Redman].

If you want to measure your campaigns better or if you want to increase your customer experience then feel free to contact us! We will be happy to share with you our knowledge and experience.

Oksana Banias, marketing manager at Prografix (LinkedIn)

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