Prografix has sent safepacks to our business partners

Multiple industries have been hit especially hard by Covid- 19, but at Prografix we don’t slow down the pace and we’ve been been taking care of the realization of all our projects at the highest level- as usual. 💪 Thanks to the commitment of our dedicated team, we are in a full readiness to support our clients in direct and #personalized 1:1 communication.

Not only do we care about the quality of our products but we also provide the highest customer service standards. Special attention is given to health, safety and comfort of our Clients.
Extraordinary times require an extraordinary response and therefore Prografix has sent safepacks to our business partners – something for physical and mental health. Our packs will help them stay safe and maintain their productivity at both remote and office work. 😊

Safepacks by Prografix

Despite the difficult situation, our clients can always count on Prografix’s support. We work according to #Human2Human philosophy. Our team always provides clients with help and advice. Thanks to them Prografix has an extensive portfolio of regular and loyal customers from all over Europe.

In these difficult #lockdown times our company sent safepacks also to Employees.
It’s not the end – to be continued 🙂

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