Prografix – partner of the Norwegian Samlerhuset Group

As Prografix we are proud to be a partner of the Norwegian Samlerhuset Group. We have been providing print communication services for 11 Samlerhuset branches in Europe since 2011. Our services include personalizing, printing and distribution of various communication materials.

For Samlerhuset Group in Poland – Skarbnica Narodowa

Prografix implements different types of personalized standard and non-standard print communication products:

  • Envelope mailings (containing multiple personalized items of different shapes and sizes suited to each individual customer).
  • Selfmailers (cost effective and also creative formats of addressed mailings)
  • Colourful brochures and catalogues (perfect binding and saddle stitching).

For Samlerhuset Group in Czech Republic – Národní Pokladnice and Slovak Národná Pokladnica

One of the first Samlerhuset branch were the Czech Národní Pokladnice and the Slovak @Národná Pokladnica. For 10 years those partners have been provided with #DirectMail service by Prografix: direct marketing. This includes personalizing, printing and distributing various communication materials: envelope mailings, nonstandard selfmailers, complex minifolders, etc.

Important! We insert a lot of different combinations of personalized items into the envelope. We produce and prepare different language versions. Each package is individually prepared according to standards and requirements of national post operators in Slovakia and Czech Republic

For Samlerhuset Group in Finland – Suomen Moneta

For Samlerhuset Group in Finland Prografix prints 4 types of personalized mailings and selfmailers of total annual volume over 235 000. We’ve been providing printing services for Suomen Moneta since 2019.

Prografix offers perfect finish for printed materials: varnishing, lamination, binding etc. For Suomen Moneta we make, among others UV varnishing and folding with the application of jelly glue.

For Samlerhuset Group in Germany – MDM Münzhandelsgesellschaft 

For Samlerhuset Group in Germany Prografix prints personalized selfmailers.

For Samlerhuset Group in the United Kingdom – The London Mint Office

Cooperation since 2019.

For Samlerhuset Group in United Kongdom Prografix prints hardcover sewn-glued binding books. 

5 versions in volume 40 000 were sent to the customer’s warehouse in the UK.

Prografix offer commercial print – leaflets, brochures, catalogs, posters in saddle or loop stitching, perfect binding. We also offer hardcover and spiral binding.

For Samlerhuset Group in Hungary – Magyar Éremkibocsátó Kft.

Cooperation since 2012. 

For Samlerhuset Group in  Hungary  Prografix prints mailings and selfmailers.

The total annual volume is about 660 000 mailings, selfmailers and leaflets. We insert materials into the envelope or pack in various quantity combinations of individual products. Each package is individually prepared for the final pickup location.

We are happy to be a part of the team contributing to achieving your brand goals.
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