Personalized book cover

Prografix: direct marketing helped publishing house Dom Wydawniczy RAFAEL to increase sales and quickly sell inventory of Holy Bible.

Our client on his online store provided the opportunity to personalize the cover of the Holy Bible and the first page – the inset. Everyone could add a special dedication. Prografix personalized and printed insets and covers, then confectioned books, received from Rafael, packed and sent all to Rafael’s store.

Personalization of “Holy Bible for young people” gave a new impetus in the promotion and sale. It has worked like a magnet. We have never had such extremely good opinions about any of the promotion campain before. Well done Prografix!

Andrzej Sobczyk, e-commerce director at Rafael

Prografix: direct marketing – expert in variable data printing and 1:1 communication.

Prografix helps clients reach their consumers with individual message, both in the text and the image. Thanks to advanced printing technologies and reliable database management Prografix personalizes over 1 000 000 documents every day.

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